Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider tree removal?

You should consider removing a tree if it has become hollow, is dying. or if the tree is leaning to closely to a building as it may become dangerous for the building owner and occupants in strong winds and storms.

What season is best for tree services to be completed?

Tree service can be performed all year round. However, winter, after the leaves have fallen, is the prefered time to have tree services completed so that the employee may have more visual of the tree where it may have been limited with the leaves still attached.

When should I prune a tree versus fully removing the tree?

There are various reasons to prune a tree, such as if the tree has too many branches leaning toward a shelter or powerline, sometimes low-lying branches can cause issues for homeowners who mow their lawn, or even pruning a tree to make it more beautiful the next year by controlling its growths. These are all reasonable reasons to prune a tree; however, if the tree is dead or dying, it should be removed rather than pruned in order to prevent damage being done to home-owners property.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding involves the use of a small machine to grind the stump and its roots down below the level of the grass. This prevents the stump from being able to grow back. It also gives the yard an appealing appearance and helps prevent any damage to your lawn and lawn equipment if the stump is concealed at the time of use.

Is stump grinding necessary?

Stump grinding is not always necessary, but it can be useful for the prevention of termites that may be attracted to a rotting stump. Stump grinding can also be beneficial for maintenance of your lawns and gardens.

Can I keep the firewood from the trees that you cut down?

You can absolutely keep any firewood retrieved from the tree removal services. Just please advise the company that you would like to keep it as soon as possible, so that way we can communicate clearly when cleaning up at the end of the job and to prevent any unnecessary debris fees.

Do I need to be home when the estimate is given?

It is best for you to be home when an employee arrives to give you an estimate so that clear communication can be performed. This helps to ensure that your expectations are met during service, such as the correct trees being removed and the correct services being provided.

Why should I get my trees pruned?

Some trees can require pruning when they are close to any building or power lines to prevent damage and hazardous conditions. Another reason to get your trees pruned, is to enhance the appearance of the tree.

What is the tree removal process?

Call for an estimate, and an employee will help determine the best and safest way to remove the tree.

The location of the tree in reference to any roads, buildings, and powerlines, will determine whether the tree should be removed one limb after another, or if it can be removed in one piece.